Friday, August 31, 2012

Preppy Pooch


Hello, hello! Happy last day of August! (How the heck did it go by so quickly?!) I hope everyone has had a great week and is excited for the long weekend. Do any of you have fun plans lined up?

I’ve concluded that Seattle is definitely a dog city—dogs are everywhere! I would say that I like dogs, but am not obsessed with them… so it’s kind of perfect that I can pretty much get my daily cute-dog fix just by walking around, but there’s no need for me to get my own (especially since I’m a little allergic to dogs and cats).

But onto the gift pick. With the help of the folks over at Jack Spade, you can ensure that your dog is the preppiest pooch on the block—I love this rope bracelet-inspired leash! I remember getting a rope bracelet in Nantucket during the summer, and it made me feel very… WASPy. Now, all you J.Crew/Cape Cod/whale pant-loving folks can make sure your best animal friend complements your best pair of Nantucket reds:


{Braided rope dog leash, $45}

It comes in a variety of fun colors, which means your pup can smoothly transition from summer to fall without losing an ounce of style!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope you all enjoy the last days of summer as fall quickly descends upon us. I’ll be hitting up some concerts and meeting up with visiting friends. Have fun and be safe! The Present Perfect will be taking a vacation day on Labor Day, but let’s meet back here on Tuesday!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sustainable Suds


Nothing quite fixes a long day like kicking off your shoes and soaking in a hot bath. And now you can do so in a way that is socially responsible! One of my favorite bloggers (if you haven’t seen Oh Joy!, you are seriously missing out on a daily dose of cuteness) recently announced that she created the branding and packaging for a line of soap called Hand in Hand. Check out these beauties:


{Hand in Hand sustainable soap, $18 for a 2-pack}

For every bar of soap purchased, another bar is donated to a child in need. It might seem so basic, but general sanitization and hygiene are huge public health issues in so many parts of the world. Additionally, 50 square feet of rainforest will be saved for every bar purchased. In case that isn’t enough for you, the soaps are 100% vegetable based, vegan, organic ingredients, gluten-free, biodegradable, palm-free & cruelty-free… AND Fair Trade USA certified. And Paraben-free & petrochemical-free. And all shipments include carbon offset and eco-friendly packaging. And just to top it all off… every bar purchased also translates into a donation is made to fund micro-credit loans to help alleviate poverty in the US and the developing world. I dare you to resist feeling good about all of that!

I personally love to give scented soaps out as party favors, stocking stuffers, or “just because”gifts, and the artwork on this packaging is just beyond beautiful. It would almost make me not want to unwrap the soap! Plus, the scents sound like amazing: orange blossom, lavender, and white tea. Mmm… I smell relaxation!

These will be for sale at Anthropologie eventually, but for now, you can only get the special, Joy-designed ones on the Hand in Hand website. I am so in awe of the lovely imagery and encourage y’all to support this wonderful cause!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chop Chop


Like any self-respecting cook (such as the ever-dreamy Jon Hamm photographed above—goodness, I would faint if I walked into this beautiful scene taking place in my kitchen), I try to keep things neat and tidy when I prep food. But without fail, little bits of chopped up onion, garlic, or vegetables inevitable fall to the floor or onto the stove burners when I transfer ingredients from the cutting board to the pan. However, those days are over, as the folding chopping board has arrived. You cut on this…


…which folds into this:


{Chop2Pot™ Plus folding chopping board, $16}

What could make this handy device better? Oh, maybe the fact that it comes in two sizes and is dishwasher safe. In other words, this thing is awesome. And with Joseph Joseph’s fun assortment of punchy colors, you can pick one to match any kitchen’s color scheme. And while the holidays are still quite some time away, it fits nicely into the typical “under $20” rule for white elephant gift exchanges!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



On my drive to work yesterday, I noticed a few yellow school buses and kids running down the sidewalk with backpacks—yep, fall has crept up on us! I always get a little nostalgic at the start of a new school year—I always enjoyed school (nerd!) and have particularly fond memories of my elementary school years. I remember having a really fun time learning about dinosaurs in science class back in the day (and was a huge fan of The Land Before Time)… so you can imagine how tickled I was to come across this:


{Set of 2 Fossil Erasers $12.72}

These erasers are awesome—and just the right amount of geeky. They look like plain rocks, but as you erase, they “erode” to reveal various dinosaur bones inside, like the T-Rex head on the left in the photo above. I found this item on the Kikkerland website, but the shipping costs even more than the erasers themselves! However, the link above will take you to Amazon, where it’s Prime and Super Saver Shipping-eligible… so while the listed retail price is higher than the manufacturer’s, the total price is lower.

This is a pretty clever design, and I think that kids would really like it. It would be such a fun party favor for a dinosaur-themed children’s party, or even just as a little back-to-school treat!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Color My World

Good morning, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful here, allowing for a gorgeous (and totally thigh-burning) 8-mile hike, a LETTERPRESS FESTIVAL, and a friend’s BBQ on Saturday, and then some outdoor furniture painting on Sunday. Going to Lowe’s—where, unfortunately, we were not approached to be on HGTV’s House Crashers—was really fun because I got to pick a color to paint our table. Yes, my life is actually that boring… but in all seriousness, I am very into color and design-y things, which is why I freaked out when I saw this:
I’ve posted a few Pantone-themed gift picks, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise or anything. And this clip-on hard case comes in eight different colors, so there is literally something for everyone—as far as iPhone users go—with this gift pick. Enjoy!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Gorgeous view from the top of a Saturday morning hike with friends!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skin Saver


Good morning! When I went home for my sister’s wedding last weekend, I rediscovered a beauty favorite in our mom’s medicine cabinet—and because Mom is awesome, she let me bring it home with me! Ladies and gentlemen (because boys care about having nice skin, too!), let me present:


{Trish McEvoy exfoliation pads, $65}

These things are amazing and make my skin feel (and look) so good. They are circular pads that have been soaked in a formula that exfoliates by dissolving dead skills and subsequently make you look radiant. I use them kind of like a toner—after washing and drying my face, but before putting on moisturizer. I was first introduced to these Beta Hydroxy pads by an amazing makeup artist in San Francisco—Jeffrey Burks—and he knows cosmetics and beauty better than anyone!

The price on this product is definitely steep, but I’ve figured out some money-saving tips over the years:

1. Only use half a pad at a time. They are super easy to cut in half, and each pad is so saturated that you really don’t need a whole one… and this doubles how long one jar will last. Also, I once accidentally left the jar top slightly open and the top pads dried up—so I just flipped the stack of pads upside down so that the dampest ones were on top and let gravity do all the work!

2. Take advantage of Friends & Family sales. This product is carried at Saks, which I believe has an F&F once a year (this is also a really great time to stock up on other beauty goods, too). You may benefit from buddying up with a sales associate so that he or she can give you a heads up for upcoming sales events.

Hope everyone has a great day! See you back here tomorrow!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today marks the birthday of my BFF Krissy—happy birthday, love! One year ago, I was able to surprise her with an unexpected weekend visit, but no such luck this year.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate from a distance—and what better way to do it than with a blog post dedicated to her? One of the first things to know about Krissy is that she has a massive sweet tooth (which is why I gifted her this cotton candy maker last year). When we both lived in New York, frequent trips to Magnolia Bakery in the West Village were a regular thing (this was before the bakery propagated and took over the city, y’all). I am a pretty prolific baker, and I have to say that the Magnolia recipe is pretty foolproof and awesome—AND you can get it (plus many more) in the recipe books they published:

{The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook $17.16}


{More From Magnolia $17.82}

One thing that blows me away is how much cheaper these are on Amazon than through the Magnolia Bakery website—for the More from Magnolia book, it’s a difference of about $10, which is a pretty significant percentage of the total price. Also, the Magnolia Bakery site doesn’t carry the first book above—maybe they released a new edition or this one got discontinued? However, I will say that it’s served me really well, and I have no complaints about it—in fact, I would highly recommend it.

As an alternative gift idea… if you know someone who loves baked goods but not the actual task of baking, it would be sweet of you to get the cookbook for yourself and bake a Magnolia confection as his or her birthday gift!

See y’all back here tomorrow… and happy birthday, Krissy!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jet-Set in Style


Good morning! I hope all of you enjoyed my little snapshots of my sister’s beautiful wedding weekend… it was absolutely magical and such a wonderful time.

Today’s gift pick is a 12-volume set of ever-stylish TASCHEN city guides for four major cities: New York, Paris, Berlin, and London.


{TASCHEN 4 Cities (12 Vol. in a Box) $40.55}

This is a wonderful paperback set, basically the same as the hardcover versions (like this one that I previously blogged about) but smaller and divided up by category: hotels, shops, and restaurants. The TASCHEN series is such a well-curated selection of chic destinations around the globe. This particular set makes more sense to me for actual travel purposes, as you probably would book your hotel in advance and wouldn’t need the hotels section. Also, the hardcover ones are insanely heavy (though beautiful, and SO fun to flip through). Here’s a little peek at what they look like on the inside—SUCH luxe photographs and amazing inspiration!


Best part is that you can get it on Amazon for less than the regular list price! These images are courtesy of Anthropologie, but you can find a better price on Amazon!

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Monday, August 20, 2012


My sister was the most beautiful bride in history of the world on Saturday. Fact.

Back to regular blog posts tomorrow! Also, I start my new job today--wish me luck!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Pretty

Ummm monogrammed Claridge + King shirts for the bridesmaids to get ready in?! TOO EFFING CUTE. Best. Bride. Ever.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dress rehearsal...

The world's prettiest bride at her wedding rehearsal! My sister is the cutest.

Cutest. Welcome. Bags. Ever!!!

Hellooooo SF!

Hello, Lover.

My sister's wedding weekend is off to a running start! My husband and I had our own version of a happy celebration with lunch today...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrity Sister

RUN--don't walk--to get the September issue of 'House Beautiful'... My sister is featured in it as the next big thing! Simply amazing. I am so proud if her!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby 'stache

Pinned Image

Good morning, folks! Well, I can't believe it's already this time... but my sister's wedding week is upon us! It is all very exciting, a little bit stressful, and full of reminders of the things that make my family simultaneously crazy and awesome.

Today's gift pick is related to the Pinterest and blog browsing that I've been doing for my sister's wedding over the past few months. I feel like I can hardly find a wedding-related blog entry that doesn't have images of people posing with fake mustaches in photo booths. Mustaches are definitely a thing these days. My recent trips to Portland also confirmed that the 'stache is definitely in (but there, they tend to have real ones). And since you can never start too young when it comes to style, I present:

Mustachifier Baby Pacifier
{Mustachifier baby pacifier, $12}
How hilarious is this?! I saw it at a store recently and was in hysterics over it. And for the extra-cautious parents out there, don't worry--it is molded from non-toxic plastic and baby-grade silicone; totally BPA free. And adorable, I might add. Your kid will be the most dapper baby on the block!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Interview: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond rings (vintage)

Good morning, and happy Friday! This week has just flown by, hasn’t it? Tomorrow, I head to SF for the week to help out with all the preparations leading up to my sister’s wedding next weekend! I am so excited and absolutely can’t wait for her special day—it is going to be beautiful, wonderful, and fun… just like her!

Today, we have an extra-special interview featuring Natalie Yerushalmi Lewis, the vice president of marketing at The Jewelers, Inc. in Las Vegas. I had been getting requests from various male friends (and some of their girlfriends!) to do a piece on jewelry and engagement rings, and given her expertise, Natalie was the first person to come to mind. Read on for her wisdom about all things bling-related!


So, you work with diamonds and fine jewelry all day--sounds divine! What do you love most about your job?

What girl wouldn't love being around diamonds and jewelry all day long? Of course, there are many things I love about my job. Being around all the sparkle is definitely one of them.  I also love being able to be a part of so many people's special moments in life, like engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  Being able to take part in that special time and help make people happy is really something I look forward to every single day. 

A lot of my male friends have expressed anxiety when it comes to diamonds and engagement rings. What is your best piece of advice for someone buying a diamond for the first time?

When you are shopping for diamonds or engagement rings, I would say one of the most important steps to take is to make sure to go to a few different stores and make sure you get a good feeling with the jeweler. In my opinion, I think it is best to pick the store you feel fits you the best. Choose the jeweler that you think you are going to be treated the best; the jeweler that you feel is going to be the most honest and straightforward and is going to take care of you. After all, when you are buying a piece of jewelry, the most important part of the experience is the service.  This is a piece your future wife is going to have for the rest of her life. She is going to need it cleaned, sized, engraved, polished; have the stones checked, the prongs tightened, etc. You want to make sure that wherever you go is a place that you feel confident is going to be able to and want to take care of you for the rest of your life and not just be there for that one purchase. 

We all know about the four C's--cut, clarity, color, carat. But sometimes budgets don't allow for you to go all out in all of these criteria. How would you rank them in order of importance?  

The answer to this question really depends on the customer and the type of ring they are looking for. Some customers want the center diamond to be the star of the show and want it to be as large as possible. In that case, that customer would probably sacrifice a little on the clarity and color side of things to get a higher carat weight.  Some customers are going to put the ring in yellow gold or rose gold and in those situations, you can sacrifice a little color because it won't be as noticeable.  While there are still others who want their stone to have the most sparkle possible who will lean more towards cut and clarity.  A good jeweler will help you find the perfect balance to fit your needs. 


You, my friend, have a GORGEOUS engagement ring (see photo above)! Did you have to drop a lot of hints, or did your husband just know?

First, thank you so much! I did get very lucky with my husband's taste.  My mom does have a similar style ring that I used to try on before I had my ring and always said how much I loved it—and my husband and my mom worked together from there.  We have a custom manufacturing facility in our main store so it made it easy for my husband to get creative and add a lot of personal touches to it, which I loved.  We always encourage adding something custom or personal to engagement rings, even as simple as a sweet message engraved on the inside because it always makes it that much more special. I got extremely lucky with my ring and I can't tell you how much I love it and how much it means to me.  I wanted something classic and timeless but also unique with its own special touches.  My husband did such a great job; I got even more than I had dreamed of.


One side has my birthstone in the crown with my initials and the first 2 Hebrew letters for the word “love” and the other side has his birthstone in the crown with his initials and the second 2 Hebrew letters for “love.”  He also engraved, “I promise to love you forever” in Hebrew. The bottom inside of the ring also says “love” in Hebrew, in a design similar to the Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture in Israel.


What are your thoughts on purchasing stones online (such as on Blue Nile) vs. in person? Do you think that just knowing the specs from the website are enough?  

As I mentioned before, an engagement purchase is something you are buying for the rest of your life.  It is going to need a lot of "TLC" over the years whether it is sizing, cleaning, polishing, engraving, checking prongs etc. These are things that can't be done on a computer screen or through the internet and ideally, you want the jeweler you got the ring from originally to be the jeweler that can take care of all of that for life.  

You are buying a diamond here, one of the most luxurious items on the planet. People spend large portions of their savings to find the perfect one. In my opinion, this is something you have to see in person to really know if it is THE ONE.  The diamond grading process is very subjective to the individual person who is grading the stone at the time, no matter where the certification comes from. Just by seeing the specs from the website does not mean you will be happy with what it looks like in the end. For example, a customer could look at 2 stones with the same exact specs on paper and fall in love with one and not be so head-over-heels about the other. The grading of a stone can only tell you so much but without seeing it, you don't know exactly what you are getting. I personally think that going into a jeweler and being able to see the stone is the best way to see the brilliance and fire in the stone rather than relying solely on specs on the internet.  


Tell us a bit about The Jewelers of Las Vegas (pictured above)--what makes your family's business so special?

The Jewelers of Las Vegas was started by my parents in 1976.  My brothers and I are all involved in the business and we are a family business from top to bottom.  We believe in giving our customers the absolute best personal service out there.  We truly treat our customers like family which is what keeps them coming back to us through multiple generations.  We are always involved in what our customers need and when you walk through our doors, you can deal directly with one of the members of the family.

Being able to work with an owner of a company is always something special  and makes the experience more familial.  We are available at all times—on our cell phones after hours or in the main store during hours; if you end up at any one of our other 11 locations, you can always get one of us on our cell phones. We care about our customers more than anything else.  We have been around for a long time and when you walk into our main store, the walls are covered floor to ceiling in pictures and autographs of people who have shopped with us, Elvis being one of my dad's favorite customers from his past.  My dad learned over the years that customer service is the most important thing and that has resonated with all of us in the business.  That's what our company is about. 

[Editor’s note: check out this great Las Vegas Review Journal article about The Jewelers!]


For all the ladies out there who want to treat themselves... what would you recommend as a good investment piece?

I would say a good investment piece would be a nice pair of diamond stud earrings. They can be dressed up or dressed down and make the perfect accessory for any outfit.  They can be passed down from generation to generation.  Also, with us for example, we offer a lifetime trade-in value on any diamond solitaire or diamond stud earring, so that makes it also a great investment. This way, it always retains its value and if you wanted to, you can always upgrade over the years which is always a fun option to keep in the back of your mind.   


Let's go back to engagement rings. In your mind, what is the most classic, fool-proof option?

I think the most classic, fool-proof option would be a Round center stone in a solitaire setting.  This is the most classic setting and looks beautiful on absolutely everyone.   

We all know that the big, name-brand jewelers end up charging a huge markup... but I think everyone wonders: HOW huge is that markup for a Tiffany engagement ring vs. one purchased at a smaller jeweler's?

Since you used Tiffany as an example, at a store like like Tiffany, a customer will always pay more for a ring just because it says Tiffany on it.  I always recommend to our customers that if they like something at a "name-brand jeweler," to always check pricing with your local jeweler as well.  Most of the time, you will be able to find something bigger and better for much less.  In the end, the ring is what you are buying, not the name.  I am a big proponent of getting the most bang for your buck.  When you are making such an important purchase, I believe that the piece of jewelry is of the utmost importance rather than the name on it.


What is the best proposal story you know of? You can count your own!

Since you said I can count my own, I will! I did love my proposal.  My husband (Patrick) and I were planning on taking a summer vacation and my parents were also traveling at the same time.  Patrick wanted to go to Paris first so we could overlap with my parents' trip for one day before they went off somewhere else.  That day, when we arrived, we checked into the hotel and got to walk around the city after having a great lunch. Wine, my parents, Patrick, Paris; it was a perfect day.  We had dinner plans for later on that night. We were staying at a different hotel from my parents, so Patrick and I planned to meet them at the restaurant.  On the way to the restaurant, Patrick and I stopped at the Eiffel Tower because I had always said how much I loved the twinkling lights.  As we were watching the twinkling lights, Patrick got down on one knee and proposed! To top it off, my parents came running from behind the bushes—they had been taking pictures and recording the whole thing.  We popped open a bottle of champagne in the car on the way to the restaurant and had a great dinner (full of phone calls to everyone, of course!). It meant so much to me that he put so much effort into having my parents be a part of the moment—I loved that.  And it was so special that we were able to have the entire rest of the trip together to celebrate as a newly engaged couple.  


You live in Las Vegas. Do you ever have people come in to buy rings for a spontaneous wedding at one of those 24-hour chapels?

Absolutely.  In fact, we get a lot of those.  We had a couple come in recently who were in a totally different country from where each of them lived—they lived half-way across the world from each other, came to Vegas, came straight to our store, bought wedding bands, and got in the car right away to get married by "Elvis."  It happens all the time!


What is the best jewelry gift you've ever received (besides your engagement ring)?

I honestly don't know if I could choose! I have so many special pieces of jewelry that I have received over the years from my parents and of course from my husband. One that I love is a really cool piece my husband designed for me.  He designed a pendant modeled after the Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture—the one he did in Hebrew in Israel.  My pendant is totally 3-D which makes it really cool, and covered in pave diamonds.  It is such an amazing piece.  


What are the safest and riskiest types of jewelry for people to gift?

I would say the safest for women would be diamond studs or diamond hoops even.  I think when you get into the more fashion pieces like pendants and rings, it can come down to taste more than anything—so it can get risky when you are picking it out for someone else.  For men, watches are the safest and something that most men love.  I would say any other jewelry can be hard to pick for a man because a lot of men don't like jewelry at all or are very particular about what they would wear.

What is your current jewelry obsession--any specific stones or designs? 

One of my current jewelry obsessions would be the Hearts And Arrows Princess Cut stone.  It is such an amazing stone, really so much fire and so much sparkle.  It is a specially cut stone that is not carried everywhere but once you see it, you fall in love.  It is what we used for my wedding band and it turned out absolutely amazing.  

* * *

Thank you very much, Natalie! I hope you all enjoyed her interview, and definitely be sure to check out The Jewelers either online or during your next visit to Las Vegas! I was at their flagship location this past January, and it is a wonderful place. They have such an amazing selection of jewelry, and they are so warm and welcoming—it’s not cold and intimidating the way that some jewelry and luxury goods stores can be. I actually got to meet almost the entire Yerushalmi family! My friend was purchasing a piece of fine jewelry for herself—the first time she’d ever done that—and it was very cool to see Natalie walk her through the decision-making process and explain all of the options.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will try my best to post every day next week, but forgive me if I fall behind in the midst of my sister’s wedding week!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012



Good morning! Sorry about the lack of posts this week… it’s been quite eventful and busy over here! My second closet decided to collapse on me (pretty much the same situation as with the first one), all the rest of our furniture arrived, I had to get the water heater replaced… basically, I’ve had my hands full with chores and errands that have sucked my time away from me!

Anyway, I start my new job in less than two weeks, and I am trying to figure out what sort of bag I should carry my work laptop in. I like the look of totes, but I don’t like how they contribute to my already-imbalanced shoulders. And backpacks are very practical, but quite nerdy. Although… I found this on the Madewell website the other day:

Herschel Supply Company® Settlement Striped Backpack

{Hershel Supply Company striped backpack, $90}

As we all know, I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like. This one is kind of similar to the Poketo backpack I blogged about a while back, but I think this Hershel bag is cuter and a little more structured. And it has an internal laptop pocket!

What do we think? Would rocking this backpack to work read more “cute and functional,” or “I’m a nerd—please stuff me into a locker”? I need advice!

P.S. Given that I’ve pledged to not buy clothing and accessories for the rest of this calendar year, this is more of a hypothetical question. However, I do own a backpack (not nearly as cute) that I could use… unless y’all think it will get me stuffed into a locker on my first day of work.

P.P.S. I feel like I’m not giving enough credit in this post to The Container Store as I oh-so-casually mention Closet Disaster #2. Their custom closet solutions have completely changed my life. With a little bit of drilling, hammering, and organizing, things changed from a war zone of shoes, bags, and blazers to this:


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Friday, August 3, 2012

Two in One


Good morning, and happy Friday! I can’t believe how quickly this week just flew by… though I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend! I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow night’s activity for a while now—an Alison Krauss & Union Station concert at a beautiful winery! Can’t wait.

One thing I realized while moving is that we have an insane amount of glassware. Who the hell needs this many champagne flute, wine glasses, etc? While we are fortunate to have plenty of cabinet space, part of me wonders what the point of holding onto all of this stuff is when we rarely use the majority of it. Which brings me to the gift pick:


{Beer & Shot glass, $19 for a set of 2}

This gives you both a beer and shot glass in one! Double the fun, half the storage space… and it will make your post-party dishwashing go a bit more quickly (although this is dishwasher safe, so only if you prefer to hand wash). I feel like the shot aspect of this beer glass could turn a regular Power Hour into a particularly ruinous one…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and see you back here on Monday! As always, thank you for reading my blog.

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