Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So Manly


There are some things in life that are just really manly. Certain liquors, rugged pickups, power tools, Ryan Gosling’s amazing abs… However, in the realm of air fresheners for the home, scents usually veer on the side of floral, feminine, or the ever-neutral clean linen smell. Until now:


{Archer Air Superiority room spray, $14 each}

With scents like “European Sports Car,” “Distillery,” and “Hunting Lodge,” these room sprays are the perfect complement to any man-cave. Buy all three and they’ll give you free shipping. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually smelled these, I am sort of hankering for a can of “Hunting Lodge.” The description on the website is: “Hearth stone, gun powder and damp timber. It smells just like it did 120 years ago, because it hasn't changed in 120 years. Other than the flat screen and microwave.” Kind of awesome.

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