Friday, July 20, 2012

Prep in Your Step


Good morning, and happy Friday! I hope everyone is looking forward to an enjoyable weekend. One of my fondest summer memories is visiting my friend Sarah and her family in Nantucket during college. I had never been before, and it was such a beautiful and idyllic place to hang out on the beach, attend clambakes, and eat lots of homemade ice cream with waffle cones!

I recently came across this online shop called Tuckernuck, which pretty much takes preppy-chic to a new level. I couldn’t resist these amazing loafers—I seriously have an addiction to stripes—and I think they would make a lovely gift for someone:


{Charles Philip Shanghai striped loafers, $135}

These run a little snug, even though the description says true to size—I am definitely still breaking mine in and even asked one of the amazing shoe guys at Nordstrom to stretch out the toe area for me (which they gladly did, even though I had bought the shoes elsewhere). They come in a beautiful box and striped shoe bag. I also thought it was super cute that the folks over at Tuckernuck also included a hand-written note wishing me much happiness with my new shoes!

In celebration of a happy summer weekend, here are a couple of Nantucket snapshots I took when I was there (which was years ago… much too long ago, in my opinion. Sarah, I think we need to go back). Enjoy, and see you on Monday!


{Nantucket, loud and proud!}


{I woke up to this view every morning… no wonder I felt so relaxed!}

Images courtesy of (via Pinterest), Bottom two photographs are property of The Present Perfect.

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