Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fore Fun


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! It’s Wednesday, which probably means that everyone’s mid-week slump can be improved with some humor and levity. Today’s gift pick is of the practical joke variety… and golf-related:


{Set of 4 trick golf balls, $12.95}

These standard-size balls will surely lighten up your next round of golf. We have:

-The Exploder, which emits a cloud of smoke-like powder when the ball is tapped

-The Phantom, which explodes into a wet mist upon a full-force hit

-The Jetstreamer, which turns into a spiraling ribbon upon full impact

-The Unputtaball, which skids and veers when putted

Just make sure you bust these out with someone who can take a joke! I played competitively in high school and definitely learned that there is a spectrum when it comes to golfer attitudes. Some people are super laid-back and view golf as what it is—a fun and enjoyable four hours. However, I have also totally witnessed other people do things like stomp and fume and even throw an entire golf bag filled with clubs down the fairway (which, admittedly, was pretty impressive). I’d say that you should try these practical joke balls on the former and perhaps not the latter.

I am pretty excited about tomorrow’s post—we’ll be featuring a fun interview, so stay tuned and check back here tomorrow morning!

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