Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorful Chores


Oh, laundry. Such a tedious little minx sometimes. On the one hand, I love the smell and feel of freshly-washed linens. On the other hand, it’d be really stellar if my laundry would just do itself.

However, these adorable hampers from The Container Store just might make your laundry day a little more cheerful:

{Umbra Horizon Round Crunch Can, $14.99}

This item collapses down (or, as the product description says, “crunches”) but has a lining and metal ring that give it structure where you need it. It can also double as a container for extra towels, stuff animals, whatever! I think this would be a very cute gift for someone heading off to college or moving into a new apartment or house. It looks more sophisticated than those mesh hampers my friends and I had in undergrad, but it still has the convenience of being lightweight with straps.

Speaking of which… I need to do some laundry before my sister’s bachelorette party this weekend!

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