Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father’s Day: Fore!

I saw this Father’s Day card by Old Tom Foolery, giggled, and promptly purchased it at Paper Source for my father-in-law (to my knowledge, he does not read my blog, so I am at low risk for ruining any element of surprise):

Image of Father's Day, H-13

One should note that there is a serious degree of truth to all of this—people do love this golf-themed shit, myself included. Not so much tartan caps with pom poms (though, who can forget how cute Rory Gilmore made that look in the early years of Gilmore Girls?) but more like things that are actually useful on the golf course. Like this puppy:

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Forged Satin Wedge

{Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Forged Satin Wedge $119}

I know that golf clubs are a highly subjective thing, but I really don’t think that you can find a better wedge than a basic Cleveland—this thing has really come through during some crucial moments, and both my dad and I swear by it. While I realize that the 56-degree has a bit more loft than your typical 52-degree sand wedge, my 56-degree Cleveland has really helped me a lot when I’ve found myself in a bunker (which, sad to say, is more often than I would like).

If none of that made sense to you, the translation is: this is a solid golf club that your dad might appreciate (if he is a golfer, of course. And I recognize that not all dads are, even though we tend to make that assumption. It’s sort of like when people assume that I play the violin—I don’t, but they associate it with the fact that I am the child of Chinese immigrants. I can’t really blame them). If your dad is more of a novice, maybe opt to get him a true sand wedge by selecting the 52-degree option (which sells at $121.36)—it’s eligible for free super saver shipping from Amazon!

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