Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost Famous

Something really exciting happened to me yesterday. I was driving around my new city and decided to stop by Butter Home, one of my favorite Seattle stores that I have featured on my blog before. I was chatting with the owner about my recent move and mentioned that I had written about some of the items on my gift guide blog, and she says, “Wait, are you The Present Perfect?”

I nearly passed out. She had read my blog! Someone who didn’t know me personally actually clicked through my blog and remembered it! Consider my day made. It was terrifically exciting.

So, in honor of this very momentous experience (what can I say, I’m easy to please) I will be featuring a Butter Home item today:

Image of Tooth Fairy Pillow-With Tooth Pocket

{Tooth Fairy pillow, $20}

Such an adorable idea for when your favorite little one loses his or her first tooth. This hand-sewn, 5” x 5” pillow features a small pocket to put the tooth in. The back is equally adorable:

Image of Tooth Fairy Pillow-With Tooth Pocket

I really couldn’t think of a cuter way to trade in an old tooth for a quarter! (Although, I think inflation has affected the tooth fairy as well… my cousin’s kid says that he gets something like $5 per tooth. Insanity).

Well, have a great weekend, everyone! And happy “dirty 30” to my friend Brian, who enters a new decade today. I hope you all have some fun plans that involve spending time with friends, family, or both. I’ll be watching the SF Giants trample the Seattle Mariners. Also… check out this amazing Fast Company article about my good friend Alex, who was featured on The Present Perfect a while back! She continues to impress and amaze. So proud of you, Alex!

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