Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jet Lagging

Ahn yeong, friends! I am SO sorry about the little posting hiatus that was last week. I was traveling to Taiwan and South Korea, and I think I was a little ambitious in my expectations of how much I’d really be able to sit down and write. The Taipei trip was a bit sad but meaningful, as I had to pay respects to an important family member who is no longer with us, but I was glad that I had the opportunity to say goodbye. Korea was packed with much activity and loads of fun—tons of amazing food, lots of great shopping, attending a live, televised StarCraft competition, and even a little jaunt to Jeju Island (an hour-long flight from Seoul) that involved hiking, horseback riding, and consuming live octopus!

One of my favorite activities was the horseback riding on Jeju Island, so I figured that an appropriate equestrian-inspired gift pick just had to come from Hermes:


{Clic H gold-plated enamel bracelet, $610}

Isn’t it gorgeous? I adore this chestnut color against the yellow gold plating. Someday, people… someday. I know a pair of sisters who are very fabulous in all sense of the word, and between the two of them, they have a little Hermes bracelet collection going on. I’ve seen them rocking these on their wrists, and it always looks so chic!

In case any of you are interested in photos from my travels, here are a few from Taipei. I’ll continue updating with more Korea photos throughout the week!


{Visiting ancient Chinese treasures at the National Palace Museum}


{Cruising through the city at night}


{Hitting up the night market for some shopping and eating}


{Hello, kitty. Not sure why this guy brought his cat to the market!}


{Hello Kitty! Yes, this is actually at the airport. I would love to fly Eva Air’s Hello Kitty line someday.}

Top image courtesy of usa.hermes.com. All other photos property of The Present Perfect.

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