Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interview: Lucky Lady

Within the past few months, I have had the privilege of getting to know the ever-charming and oh-so-fashionable Kendall, former fashion editor at Lucky magazine. You know I love me a good interview, so I decided to put Kendall to the test by asking her The Present Perfect’s burning fashion questions.


{Isn’t she chic? AND she, too, loves Selena Gomez. Awesome.}

So, you were a fashion editor at Lucky magazine. What's the best fashion gift that money can buy?

A black Birkin. Timeless, elegant perfection.

Where's a good place to get good fashion pieces when you're on a budget?

So, there’s two types of shopping: buying for a season and buying for a lifetime. If you just want a sundress on the cheap or you want to test drive a new trend without much commitment, I’d hit Zara (launching e-commerce next month!) or Asos.com. They have a great sense of color and of-the-moment silhouettes.

But for only a little bit more you can get pieces you’ll have forever if you shop at consignment stores. Especially when shops have their end-of-season sales, you can walk out with Marni blouses or Prada skirts for under $100 each. They might be from a few seasons back, but who cares?

You probably got a bunch of freebies at various fashion shows and industry event. What was the best swag you've ever received?

This is true. In fact, at one point my closet started to feel like it might belong to someone else. Would I ever buy purple denim shorts? Nope. Do I have a pair thanks to a nice PR girl? Yup. So I think the best treats are the editor’s discount cards designers give out—you can buy what YOU want at a fraction of the price.


New York Fashion Week: endless fun, or stressful nightmare?

Oh Fashion Week, you little minx. The one in September is fun since it feels like a back-to-school reunion after summer. But in February, when it’s freezing and everyone’s frazzled and sniffly, it can be a tad intense.


What is one item in your closet that you absolutely cannot live without?

I’m too attached to most of my closet—probably not a sign of a very healthy person. I wear this cozy White + Warren cashmere scarf constantly in winter and whenever I travel.

What is something that no one should ever wear in public?

Anything you aren’t comfortable in. 

What city do you think has the best fashion and shopping?

New Yorkers have the best sense of style and nail the widest range of styles. For shopping, can I pick a region? I highly recommend renting a car in Tuscany and stopping into all the flea markets and designer outlets. By far the most pleasant shopping experience I’ve ever had, especially when you end with a fresh plate of pasta.

Where are your favorite places to find gifts?

Other than this blog??? I usually don’t buy gifts for two people at the same store since everyone’s tastes are so different. For jewelry though, the sale selection at CharmandChain has some super cool options.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.


Thanks for the great interview, Kendall! I encourage all of you to check out her awesome column over at Fashionista. This monthly column, aptly named Business Casual, follows Kendall’s journey from being a fashion editor in New York to becoming a hard-working student at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. I’m sure we will see great things from her!

Images courtesy of Kendall Herbst, www.whiteandwarren.com, and www.fashionista.com

Runway photo property of The Present Perfect

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