Monday, August 8, 2011

Friends Make the Best Presents

Seattle 037

Happy Monday, everyone! I am fresh off of a fun and exhilarating weekend with my two best friends from high school. They both live in Los Angeles, so we don’t get to all see each other terribly often… so having them visit me in Seattle this summer was truly a treat. We spent a lot of time eating, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery, and catching up on each others’ lives.

Being the SUPER cool and mature adults that we are, something possessed us to purchase some embroidery string and take up the old-school camp craft of friendship bracelets while hanging out by the lake on Sunday afternoon. Talk about a throwback! It really goes to show that there are some things you can never outgrow. Which is why I chose this as today’s gift pick:

2011.08.08 - Friendship Bracelets

{Klutz Press Friendship Bracelets book $11.53}

This childhood favorite of mine (and, really, any girl who was ever exposed to the magic of the Klutz Press craft books) comes with detailed instructions on how to make ten different kinds of friendship bracelets, as well as all of the colorful string and beads you need to make them. It also comes with a built-in clipboard to hold down one end of the bracelet as you are making it. Guaranteed to be a hit with any girl between the age of seven and ninety-seven!

And in case anyone was wondering, I am currently rocking two new friendship bracelets on my right wrist… a nice way to commemorate our idyllic weekend together! Miss you guys already.

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  1. Wait, shouldn't there be a post for Taylor Swift karaoke CDs?:) Still dreaming about gnocchi and lavender cake. Miss you! Until next time, xx, A.

  2. @A: Taylor Swift karaoke deserves its own post... an epic post of epic epicness, if you will. Miss you, too! I'm so glad to have you as a friend. To steal a line from your man Ben Kweller: "I'm so proud to know you."


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