Thursday, May 26, 2011

Toilet Golf

2011.05.26 - Toilet Golf

{Toilet Golf Set, $20}

Look, sometimes you just need a gift that induces some giggles. As someone who is still immature enough to enjoy potty humor—AND enjoys playing golf—I knew I needed to look no further when I came cross this “hole in one” of a gift idea. (I am also apparently very corny. Who knew).

Toilet golf comes with a 25” putter, a 35”x28” green that fits around the edge of your toilet, a cup to aim for, two plastic balls, and (most importantly) a “Do Not Disturb – Play in Progress” door sign. Is this gift crass and silly? Maybe a little bit. Will the recipient love it? Probably.

Move over, bathroom magazine stash—there is a new sheriff in town! Just make sure you leave some disinfectant wipes next to the putter. Keep it sanitary, people.

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