Friday, May 27, 2011

Tears of Joy

Wedding season is upon us! Not only am I attending a good friend’s wedding TOMORROW, my roommate here in Nashville is consumed with designing save-the-dates for her September nuptials—AND I am excitedly looking forward to my sister’s engagement party this summer! Ah, love.

I have to admit that, as a very young bride, I didn’t really have my shit together. I may need to get re-married because I keep seeing all these beautiful wedding ideas on the blogs that I read—and it sucks that I’ve missed my chance to incorporate them! (I’m totally kidding. And let’s be honest, my husband doesn’t read my blog anyway. Jerk). Anyway, check out this delight:

2011.05.27 - Bridesmaid Kerchief

{Bridesmaid Kerchief, $28}

Isn’t this such a sweet way to ask a BFF to be a part of your big day? Sure beats my method of doing it over the phone… I think this kerchief is very adorably retro and appropriately foreshadows the fact that your best girlfriends will feel compelled to shed a tear or two when you walk down the aisle. I totally didn’t think I was going to be a wedding-crier, but when my friend Christine came gliding down the church in that beautiful white gown last September, the tears started. There’s also has one for your maid of honor.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks! (Or, as I learned at trivia night on Wednesday, the-holiday-formerly-known-as-Decorations-Day). Does anyone have any pool parties or BBQs on the agenda? Regardless of your plans, I hope y’all have a safe, relaxing, and FUN long weekend! See you back here on Monday, and thank you for reading The Present Perfect!

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