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Interview: Daily Cup of Couture


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Today, I am featuring an interview with the lovely Caitlin of Daily Cup of Couture, one of my favorite blogs. Caitlin and I have met a few times through mutual friends, and she is one of the most adorable people you will ever come across. She is charmingly bubbly and petite, and her blog is such an extension of her amazing taste and eye for style. With daily features of dreamy photos, ads, interiors, and fashion spreads (such as the ones I borrowed from her to feature on this post), Daily Cup of Couture truly is “a daily sip of design inspiration found in fashion, weddings and the fabulous things in life!”

Caitlin is happily engaged with a wedding coming up this summer, so I set out to get this chic bride-to-be’s opinions on engagement and wedding gift ideas.

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What is your absolute favorite, need-to-have item on your wedding registry?

My monogrammed Pickard china ... I absolutely cannot wait to use it for dinner parties some day!

Have you received any engagement or shower gifts that have completely surprised or wowed you--if so, what were they?

A darling friend gave me the Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette book as an engagement gift and it has certainly come in handy, as I have referred to it so many times throughout the wedding planning process!

What's the best gift that your  fiancĂ© has ever given you?

Moving to San Francisco from Southern California so that we could finally live in the same city after many years of long distance has certainly been the best gift ... besides my gorgeous ring!

Now that you've gone through a bunch of wedding planning, is there anything that would have been really useful to receive as an engagement gift for the wedding planning process?

My favorite gifts to give brides-to-be are the personalized Smythson Wedding planner (so darling and useful!) as well as a subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings.

What are your three favorite wedding books?

FĂȘte: The Wedding Experience [also featured here on The Present Perfect—great minds think alike!], The Best of Martha Stewart Living : Weddings and Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette … and I understand that this is not a book, but I cannot live without Town & Country Weddings—I have saved every issue for the past 4 years!

Onto logistics: as a bride-to-be, would you rather have your guests ship gifts to your house either before or after the big day, or show up to the wedding with big, wrapped boxes?

While I do love how gorgeous the wrapped gifts appear - it is certainly easier to have guests ship gifts to our home, particularly because our wedding is in Southern California. And to make the process that much easier, I am currently registered at Gumps in San Francisco, where they have the most amazing gift registry program. You do not need to pick up any of your gifts until after the wedding!  You simply receive a notification in the mail which states the gift and who is it from, with a handwritten card from your guest.... Thus, you can still write your thank you notes on time!

I truly believe that well-written thank you notes are extremely important and thus, I also loving giving brides-to-be gorgeous, engraved stationary with their new monogram. I personally prefer Crane , but there are many wonderful stationers to choose from. Not only does she receive beautiful cards to use for her thank you notes, but she can keep her name plate to use forever!

[Editor’s note: for more stationery ideas, see my post on personalized stationery by Lotus & Ash here.]

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Thank you very much, Caitlin! Wishing you the very best for your upcoming big day and beyond… and cheers to what I hope is the first of many featured gift inspiration interviews on The Present Perfect!

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  1. Awesome post, Jessica! Thanks for introducing me to Caitlin's gorgeous blog. With both of your endorsements, I couldn't resist ordering "Fete" and can't wait to page through it! --Ali

  2. @Ali: So glad that you liked it! Yes, isn't her blog just stunning? I always look forward to the gorgeous images she posts. SO glad you got "Fete"--you will not regret it!


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