Thursday, October 8, 2015

Language Blocks

Playtime can be fun, safe, and educational with these language blocks from Uncle Goose. Handmade in the United States out of Michigan-grown basswood--and printed with non-toxic, lead-free inks--these blocks contain (simplified) Chinese characters, pictures, pronunciation, the corresponding English word, word construction grids, and a puzzle. I bought these for my daughter, and it's been fun  (and fascinating!) to see her language comprehension develop as she starts to associate certain words with their corresponding pictures. 

The blocks are well-made and provide endless hours of entertainment for a little one. If Chinese isn't your language of choice, there are also plenty of other options:  SpanishFrenchHebrewKoreanCherokee, and even Braille. They are a beautiful way to share the gift of language with a child from an early age. 

Especially recommended for: your precocious niece, any new parents fixated on their child's development (hint: that's all of them). 


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Classic Domino

Whenever I feel like I am in a home decor rut, one of my favorite resources to turn to is Domino: The Book of Decorating. Featuring gorgeous photos of the most artfully-designed homes, Domino is simultaneously aspirational and instructive. Filled with practical information about different types of furniture, endless photos of carefully designed residences, and small-space solutions for even the tiniest of apartments, this book is perfect for anyone with an appreciation for curated beauty in everyday life. 

Especially recommended for: recent college grads, new homeowners, and your Anthropologie-obsessed best friend.